How to return pleasure to sex after childbirth? Simple tips, effective techniques

When and what sex can you have after birth? How to bring pleasure to bed after the baby is born? Special techniques and useful accessories will help regain desire and orgasms. And the answers to the questions will help you figure out how to make love, pleasing yourself and your loved one.

How to return pleasure to sex after childbirth? Simple tips, effective techniques

When can I have sex after giving birth?

Doctors recommend pausing for several weeks after giving birth to allow the body to recover. How long will it take?

  • In natural childbirth. It takes at least 4 weeks to normalize the operation of all systems. This provided that there were no injuries. If there are gaps, it will take up to 8 weeks for complete healing of all sutures. Before the first sex after the appearance of the child, you can consult a gynecologist, he will tell you if there is a threat to the health of a woman.
  • With cesarean section. The recovery period lasts at least 6 weeks. It takes more time for the seams to tighten.

If the recommended limits are not observed, complications are possible. The most common are inflammatory processes. The endometrium is damaged during birth, and if bacteria get on the wound, all this can negatively affect health. And sex slows healing, and this will only increase the period when a woman begins to enjoy the intimacy.

What sex is allowed after childbirth?

The ban on sex after childbirth applies only to vaginal and anal sex. But there are no restrictions on oral sex, on the contrary, cunnilingus improves the condition. If a woman experiences an orgasm, a natural muscle contraction occurs, and this helps a quick recovery.

You can use clitoral stimulation a week after giving birth, if this does not cause discomfort. It is permissible to use sex toys for external erogenous zones.

Why does desire disappear after the birth of a child?

But not every woman after the appearance of the child wants sex. In 80% of people who have undergone the birth process, libido is reduced. And there are several reasons for this. It is their elimination that allows you to return pleasure to an intimate life.

  • Fatigue. The child completely changes the life of the family. New worries, the daily routine are unusual, they cause severe fatigue. Plus there is a lack of sleep, especially if the baby is anxious. There is simply no time left for sex, there is no desire, because one wants to sleep more than to make love.
  • Postpartum Recovery. The presence of scars and scars requires healing. And stimulation of injured areas causes pain. Sometimes it lasts up to a year. And sex then only scares, not pleases.
  • Hormonal background. This is a special condition when all the attention is focused on the child. Physiologically arranged so that while the baby needs around-the-clock care, the body is not disposed to re-pregnancy. A special hormonal balance completely deprives a lady of any erotic desires.
  • Voltage. It is difficult for a young mother to relax, she constantly listens to how the child sleeps, what he does. She controls it every moment, and this does not allow to relax. Even a dream is always superficial so as not to miss a dangerous situation. She does not switch to sensations in the body, cannot be fully present in sex, and this blocks pleasure.
  • Resentment. If a man does not provide adequate support, if he does not participate in the upbringing of the baby, there is an insult to the husband. The woman seemed to “close” from him, not being able to express her dissatisfaction in another way. And she not only does not want sex, she considers it something very unpleasant. This is emotional instability.
  • Complexes. After the birth of the baby, the body changes: there is excess weight, stretch marks. The lady is sometimes shy of such manifestations, and therefore refuses proximity. This is a fear of being rejected because of a mismatch with some ideals of beauty.
  • Dryness. Little lubrication may be released into the vagina, and then sexual contact can be painful. This is a common problem that is easily solved by applying a lubricant .

It is important to understand that the first 12 months after giving birth is a difficult period for mom. She is emotionally not always ready for what is happening, she has to completely change her life. The hormonal background, body, habits are changing, and this is a big stress for any person. By eliminating the reasons for the lack of desire, you can gradually restore intimacy, but you need to do this smoothly, without pressure.

How to return pleasure to sex after childbirth? Simple tips, effective techniques

Sex after childbirth, after how much pleasure will return

If there is no desire for sex, then the process itself may not cause pleasant sensations. A decrease in sensitivity, according to statistics, appears in 64% of women. But in most cases this is a temporary phenomenon.

Pleasant experiences return after 1-1.5 years. This happens due to the greater independence of the child, adaptation to new living conditions for the mother, and also with the end of breastfeeding.

But there is also the opposite situation, when a woman begins to receive more pleasant sensations after childbirth. It is not common, not more than 8% of cases, but they are.

How to return a desire after childbirth?

The desire for intimacy and the ability to have fun can be stimulated. Simple actions will help if you perform them regularly:

  • Strengthening the vaginal muscles. Muscles stretch during childbirth, this is a reversible process, but it is easy to accelerate by performing Kegel exercises. This is a special complex with exercise equipment or vaginal balls that not only give tone, but also stimulate desire. At the time of training, a lot of blood rushes to the genitals, nerve endings are activated. As a result, many diseases are prevented and libido rises.
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