Seduction with lingerie, a lethal weapon …

According to Wikipedia, seduction is the act that involves inducing and persuading someone in order to modify their opinion or have them adopt a certain behavior or attitude.

Seduction is an art that can be learned, there are those who believe that seduction is in a black dress with a back neckline, using red lipstick … But the most important thing to seduce is to have a relaxed attitude and have fun.

A look can be a weapon of lethal seduction, with the look we can communicate from the deepest and most animal desire, to the most delicate shyness, it is not the eyes it is the spark in the eyes. A tender and spontaneous smile can get a man to fix his attention on you. The way you dress or get ready will tell a lot of your intentions a neckline in the back, or the lingerie you choose … seduction is an attitude, a mental state that uses the body to become palpable.

“The fantasy of man is the best weapon of women.” Sophia Loren

Seduction has been associated with something misleading and sometimes evil. But sometimes it is done unconsciously and involuntarily and, in addition, seducing is almost always done for the purpose of a mutual sentimental benefit. In fact, loving someone is being seduced by that person.

It can be seduced to provoke the interest of others towards us. Also to arouse curiosity, generate desire to know each other, make others feel comfortable in our company, to look for us and love us …

And use seduction not only for pubs and discos, because although they are a good place, we can meet someone interesting anywhere else.

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Dare to seduce!

But … What is seduction?

Seducing is about causing interest and transforming it into desire, getting someone to notice us in a positive and curious way. It is about permanently settling in your imagination making your desire to know each other grow at every moment. Feed the desire, generating the expectation of the possible.

Never underestimate the seductive power of underwear to stoke the spark of passion

Encourage passion through seductive underwear never goes out of style. The possibilities of achieving an unforgettable sexual encounter intensify, as well as the emotions and the desire to please the couple.

Fortunately, it is a superaccesible sexual stimulant in view of the fact that styles abound for every taste and every silhouette. However, not every couple takes into account how much this pledge of seduction can bring in a relationship. Hence, it never hurts to review the aphrodisiac power that a simple piece of lingerie can enclose.

“These clothes that are sensual, provocative, are part of the variety of techniques that should be used to keep the flame of passion alive and avoid falling into monotony.” Of course, in general, “the use of these pieces is accompanied by insinuating movements and looks, and verbal and nonverbal communication. All the senses are involved. ”

Seduction with lingerie, a lethal weapon …

Dare yourself!

You are in error if you think that this seductive fashion is exclusive for those who have a silhouette similar to that of the magazine models. “It is for all women who are sure of themselves, have their self-esteem high,” experts say. “You just have to keep in mind that for each figure there are clothing styles. No one can get carried away by media promotions because those people who use them in the advertisements are models and are not necessarily our reality of life because we are all different. ”

Similarly, it is incorrect to believe that this dynamic is only for young couples. “Certainly, sexuality is evolving along with the stage of development, the time of living in that couple.” Now, “sexuality is going to manifest in the human being always, from the moment he is born until he dies, and his practice will be as vivid and erotic as the person feels,” he says. Of course, it should be borne in mind that “the pieces of clothing used must be consistent with the stage of development and physical anatomy.”

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