Roles and costumes game

Role playing is one of the easiest ways to diversify a couple’s sex life. But trying for the first time is difficult. How to start role-playing games? How to cope with the excitement and realize the plan? Simple tips and a step-by-step scenario will help you to enjoy and not get confused in fantasies.

Roles and costumes game
Dare this role play ….

What are role-playing games?

Role-playing is an opportunity to try on the image of another person, animal or thing. Practiced together or in a group of people. Each of the participants wins back its part, and the rules of interaction are determined in advance. Of course, the scenario is not fully prescribed, the agreement concerns exactly what is permitted.

The simplest games are trying on other professions, for example, a maid, nurse, plumbing, etc. At the same time, a person simply begins to perform actions that are inherent in the profession. Often added erotic moments that lead to proximity. For simplicity of “entering the role,” costumes are used.

Sometimes a role is just a transfer of responsibility. When one completely takes control of life, and the second refuses to make decisions for some time. At the same time, the use of costumes is not necessary, but BDSM paraphernalia is often present.

Who will benefit from role-playing games

Roles and costumes game
The roleplay of a sexy maid …

There are people who like role-playing games more than others. We have identified several categories of such pairs:

  • Bored and willing to experience something new. Couples seeking diversity often try role-playing games. This is an opportunity to make love in a different way, to look at a partner from a different angle. This is a way to regain passion even after many years of marriage.
  • Dreaming of submission and domination. If fantasies of such a plan prevail, the first experiments can easily be carried out precisely in a playful way. Costumes can easily turn into a new person.
  • Humble people who find it difficult to decide on something new. Clothing helps to relax. When you are in the image, you can forget about the limitations and act in accordance with the role. This helps to liberate so many.
  • Those who want to surprise a loved one. You can meet him or her in a new image, play a role that will captivate and cause a lot of pleasant sensations. Knowing the fantasies of a loved one, it will not be difficult to implement them.
  • People tired of the usual roles in everyday life. If you become bored, you want something unusual, you can start playing. This is a way for a while to get out of the usual life, to plunge into new models of behavior, rules. This behavior helps to cope with emotional tension. Weak people can feel strong, and confident for a while let go of control and transfer it to another.

Any couple can try new roles. But for the first experiments, it is worth choosing understandable options that really excite the imagination. It’s not the first attempt to win back difficult characters.

Preparing for role-playing games

All games begin with a conversation about desires. This is not necessarily an official dialogue, often it is an easy conversation in bed or at breakfast, where it turns out to share your fantasies. Sometimes this is a conversation when watching a movie, where someone admits that he dreams of being one or another hero.

In a conversation, it is important not only to talk about your desires, but also to get support from the second. It is important that this is voluntary and fun for all participants. And if after the words “Let’s try” there is agreement, then we can proceed to the next stage.

If both people like the idea of ​​reincarnation, if roles for two people are found, you can start looking for costumes. Sometimes it is required only by one person. For example, she is a flight attendant, and he is a passenger. Only she will have to choose a uniform, a man will be able to begin actions in his usual things.

Writing a script for a role-playing game

Games can be spontaneous or scheduled. The former are more suitable for those who have long practiced such actions. Beginners often need clues. Understanding the script removes embarrassment.

A role-playing scenario is not a step-by-step plan, it’s just a sketch of what is happening, where roles, characters and actions are spelled out. Be sure to pay attention to the boundaries that are not desirable to cross.

How to write a script for a role-playing game? A simple step-by-step instruction that will help beginners:

  • Decide on the characters. Choose who and who will be. For example, someone Pinocchio, and someone Malvino. It is not necessary that a woman play the role of a girl with blue hair. Sex change in the game is interesting.
  • Think over the character. Malvina can be sweet and seductive, and can be insidious and punishing. What are the main features?
  • The general course of action. For example, a patient goes to a seductive doctor. It is important to understand what is more interesting – seduction or coercion? Do not think over phrases and all the nuances. It is necessary to pay attention to the main plot lines.
  • Borders. When everything is defined, it is important to understand what cannot be done. For example, an enema treatment may be present, or may be prohibited. It is also worth discussing flogging, moral pressure, binding and other manipulations.
  • Stop word. If something goes wrong, one of the participants does not like it, you need to stop everything. And for this there should be a word or signal after which continuation will not follow. The scenario may be such that it will not be clear whether the person really breaks out or has entered the role well. And you need to give the opportunity to stop everything without a doubt in the sincerity of desire.

When the plot is defined, the roles are thought out, the limitations are clarified, you can proceed with the selection of the costume.

Social media models incredible everyday inspiration
Sexy schoolgirl, never goes out of style

Costumes for role-playing games

Choosing clothes for the character is not difficult. You can find it yourself, create from your own wardrobe. But it is much easier to buy a ready-made suit in our shop . The choice is huge, everything can be found: from the wings of an angel to the dresses of Snow White. And all this is of different sizes.

Costumes are divided into two types:

  • Carnival. A complete image can be created with them in a minute. At the same time, you can wear it not only in sexual games, but also at the carnival. This is a universal set of items that will come in handy at costumed meetings and theme parties.
  • Erotic. The costumes are very frank, in this you can only seem to a loved one. Rarely used for parties because of too small pancakes, large necklines and a huge number of open parts of the body.

Role Play Accessories

Reincarnation is possible not only with the help of a costume. There are accessories that help with this. For example, butt plugs with ponytails . Inserting into the anus, you can instantly turn into a fox, rabbit, cat or unicorn. There are options with long and short fur, fluffy and smooth.

Sexy accessories
Sexy accessories

Caps, hats, caps, caps – also help transform in seconds. They are combined with the usual clothes, but make it clear who is who.

Wigs. Colored wigs are also a way of turning. Sex with a blonde or brunette can be very memorable. But the transformation must be cardinal in order to be interesting.

Scourge.Even the presence of an accessory in your hands can place emphasis and define roles. The lash often serves not for flogging, but for intimidation. And the one who picks it up controls the situation.

Most Popular Role Play Scenarios

What do people play? Scenarios of role-playing transformations of a thousand. But more often than others there are dressing in the following heroes:

  • Professions. Stewardesses, waitresses, maids, policemen and plumbers – these are classic options, are very common. Suitable for beginners, as it’s very easy to come up with a script. And they are often found in fantasies.
  • Animals. Bunnies, cats, pigs and even unicorns are also good options for experimentation. You can buy not a whole suit, but only details, for example, ears and a tail.
  • Pupils and students. A separate category, very popular. It is simple in execution, costumes are optional, but with them everything is more interesting. Beat innocence, the punishment will be no problem for any couple.
  • Fairy tale characters. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Pirate are also heroes from the fantasy world. The costumes are more sophisticated, but very spectacular.

What costume to start with? There is no answer to this question. Everyone has his own fantasies, and it is precisely them that should be embodied without listening to the opinions of others.

What to do if something went wrong

Role-playing is not always an ideal performance. It is especially difficult for those who do not have acting talent. But if for the first time it didn’t work out, it’s worth a try again. Sometimes it takes time for everything to go perfectly.

Don’t take roles very seriously. And if a partner does something wrong, this is not a reason to blame him. Maybe he did not fully understand the idea or presents it all in a different way. Therefore, after the experiment, it is worth discussing everything so as not to repeat mistakes in the future.

It happens that instead of arousal, laughter arises. This also happens if someone does not take what is happening seriously. This may offend another participant. And therefore, you need to correctly find the roles for the first experiments, they must be close in spirit.

And almost all games are filled with inaccuracies. This is just an excuse to smile, not curse. Not everything turns out on the first try, you need to be prepared for this. And remember that the process is important, the pleasure of it, and not the result.

Questions about role-playing games

What if I want to play, but my husband is against?

In such situations, it’s worth talking honestly. He refuses for some reason, it is worth finding out. If this is fear, uncertainty, then it can be overcome by choosing the right plot, where he will not have to show acting talents. A conversation will help to understand what exactly he does not like, and you can already work with this information.

We tried the game, it turns out funny, but not exciting. Have we made a mistake?

You just chose a plot that is difficult to bring to life. It confuses both of them, and therefore it becomes funny. You simply cannot believe that this is not a game, and you get lost. Try something simple, remove too expressive costumes. For starters, switch roles, it will seem funny, but not so funny. And over time, you can “believe” for a while and play the performance, enjoying sex, not laughter.

I met him at home in a nurse costume. I thought he would like it, but he got angry and refused to play. What have I done wrong?

Not all people love surprises. And he simply could not immediately understand how to react to this. Anger is a defensive reaction to something new. Before such an experiment, it was necessary to prepare a partner, tell him about the surprise in advance. Do not give up the idea to play, just prepare such an event together, not trying to shock your partner.

And are there large suits?

Yes, in our store there are suits for any form. But if there are doubts about the size, buy accessories, they will suit everyone. And they can be worn with ordinary clothes. For example, angel wings are combined with any dress.

I like men in stockings and dresses. But I don’t know how to tell my husband about this …

It’s worth talking about fantasies with your loved one. But do not require him to change clothes, but simply entrust him with this secret. There is a possibility that he will want to support you and offer such a reincarnation. If he refuses, nothing bad will happen. But to talk about such things, find the right time: when he feels good, he’s in no hurry and is ready to experiment.

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